Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Pickin' We Will Go...

Madison and I went blueberry pickin' this morning with Grandma and Grandpa at Renee's Berry Garden in London. Mom, Melissa, and I have been before. I like to go because the garden is very clean and well kept! Blueberries have got to be the easiest fruit to pick. We picked from 9:30-11:00 and it was HOT! I got a nice tan, but we were dripping with sweat.
Grandma brought Madison her own little bucket.
Us before we set off to pick...
Madison did pretty good. She stayed by Grandma's side. She ate a few berries, (even the green ones) but spit them out pretty quick. I think she is getting used to textures. She hasn't really enjoyed eating any fruit yet. After a little while, Grandpa took Madison to go see the sheep that they have back behind the garden. They also visited a little swing in the shade.
After we finally finished picking, we stopped for a break in the shade and cooled off with some water.
Madison with all her berries! HA!
In goes the berry!
Out goes the berry!
Help-it's falling out!
Mama and Madison. Yes- I'm very pregnant, hot, and my mascara is running!
Walking to the check out station...berries in hand.
On our way home...berry pickin' is fun stuff!
Grandpa gave Madison a drink from the water hose once we got home.
Then, came the bucket...
Then, came the swimming pool...
AHH...grandchildren sure do love their grandparents. Madison sacked out on the way home. Grandma and Grandpa wore her plum out!!! Thanks for a great time! I'm sure we will do this again soon with Grammy, Poppa, Mema, Becca, and William!
I'll be making homeade blueberry muffins and cobbler in the days to come...Gabe is one happy man!



The new blog layout is adorable! These pics of Madison are just priceless...looks like she really enjoyed herself!

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