Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dear Grammy...

P.S. I'm coming to see you tonight!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Logan Carter Freyaldenhoven
Born August 23, 2010
8 pounds, 9 ounces, 20 3/4 inches long12:15 p.m.
with a head full of dark hair!

We are all smitten with him, including Madison. We think she will be a great big sis! If you've sent us a voicemail, we will return it soon. Our hands are a bit full at the moment, but we are loving every bit of it!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ready to Celebrate a Birthday?

Well, tomorrow is the big day. We will arrive at the hospital at 6am to induce labor with little Logan. I've dealt with a little anxiety the past 24 hours, but my nerves are starting to calm down. I will have my regular doctor and same nurse that helped me through labor with Madison. She was awesome last time and I know she will take great care of me again this time.

I finished cleaning the house yesterday so that I could spend the afternoon today resting. I'm about to take a long nap and then head to church tonight for our first night of children's choir rehearsal.

The nursery workers said Madison had a rough time in nursery this morning. She promoted up to the next class and that may have had something to do with it, but I really think she knows some change is about to take place. Say a little prayer for her.

We are excited about tomorrow. Can't wait to see what this precious baby looks like and who he will end up favoring.

Let's get ready to celebrate a birthday!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

39 Weeks

It feels so strange to say that I am 39 weeks pregnant today! My second pregnancy has been quite a journey. It has been much harder being pregnant while taking care of another baby. I feel like I've spent the past 9 1/2 months eagerly waiting for the end to come. And now it's here. I will be induced with Logan on Monday morning at 6am. It's still so hard to believe.
This week has gone by pretty slow for me. I spent the first couple of days wondering if he would come early. As the week has progressed, my mind has changed a bit and I've started to believe he probably will not come before Monday. I cannot believe we will finally get to meet our little boy. I've wondered so many things about it. I'm anxious to know his size, see who he looks like, find out what his mannerisms are like, and watch Madison interact with him.
I'm helping host a baby shower this morning while Gabe judges ribs at Valley Fest. Poor him! He's judged the past couple of years and always comes home nauseous. This afternoon, I plan on cleaning up around the house one last time. Of course, I'll have to run the vaccum through the house tomorrow night!
It's getting very exciting around the Frey home!

Friday, August 20, 2010

18 Months Old!

"I'm just as cute and innocent as can be!"
Is this little doodle bug a cutie or what? Madison turned 18 months old on the 19th. She is officialy 1 1/2 years old! I cannot believe she will be two years old soon.
As you can see, Madison has on a headband & bow. She lets me put them on her occasionally.
"I'm up to no good!"
Madison still loves the outdoors, although we haven't been outside much due to the extreme heat! Momma just can't take it. Who can? I had been letting her take daily showers with me, but recently started letting her have her own bath time again and she loves it. She splashes around and plays for quite a while.
"Hey, there!"
Madison is starting to communicate with us a lot better. Her vocabulary expands every day and it is so neat watching her learn to talk and communicate.
She loves to dance and snap...except instead of actually snapping, she just moves her fingers and clicks her tongue. (to get the full effect!) It is soo cute. She will start dancing and snapping anytime she hears music.
"What do you mean we're getting a new addition to the family?"
Madison loves to hug and kiss and is a loving baby. She's also really good at throwing fits when she doesn't get her way. She's had her share of spankings!

She LOVES her grandparents and is very close to each of them. She knows she gets her way when she's around them and she is a booger once she leaves them. It takes a little while to whip her back into shape!

Madison hasn't received her 18 month birthday present yet. She will get to meet him on Monday...her new little brother, Logan Carter. Please pray for us and Madison as we adapt to this change together.

3 more days...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Logan's Nursery

I picked up Logan's bedding a little over a week ago. You can see the close up picture below. Please ignore all of the junk around and under the crib. It will all be taken to Rhea Lana's consignment sale this weekend. I can't wait to get it all out of this room.
I thought it turned out pretty cute. My seamstress is redoing the crib skirt, as it does not touch the floor. I was waiting to post pics until the new crib skirt was finished, but it probably will not be finished until after Logan arrives. And...I probably will not have just a whole lot of free time on my hands to post once I have two babies on my hands.
Changing Table with diaper bag ready to go!
Our new recliner was delivered today. It needs broken in, but I'm sure that will take place real soon! Madison and I sat in it a bit today, but she was more interested in getting into everything in Logan's room.
Can't believe the countdown is down to 4 days! It's so close, but still feels so far away. I've been slowly cleaning the house this week. I've cleaned a room or two a day. I don't really last much longer than that. All of the baby gear is set up and ready to go except our baby swing. Ours is broke and I've ordered a new one that should arrive sometime next week.
I'm starting to think Logan will probably not come sooner than Monday, unless he comes this weekend. I haven't had any contractions this week...just lots of movement. He must be dropped pretty low because it's quite uncomfortable.
Madison has required extra attention since we returned home from the beach. I really think she knows life is about to change. She doesn't leave our sides and really demands one on one quality time. I kind of feel sorry for her. The past couple of nights she's cried for a little while when we put her down to sleep. Tonight she screamed for a good while until I couldn't take it any more. I thought to myself, I only have 4 days left with just one baby. I got her out of her crib and we went and watched t.v. on the couch until Daddy came home. Then, he played with her until she started to get sleepy. We put her in bed about 9:00.
Lord, please give me the patience and understanding that I will need to meet Madison's needs once Logan arrives.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Future Cyclones

Please welcome to the stadium our newest little Cyclones,
Beckett, Madison, & Chase!
Aren't these babies just the cutest little Cyclones you ever did see? This picture was taken after Logan's baby shower at Gabe's clinic. It will be featured in the Russellville High School football program this year in the River Valley Therapy Clinic advertisement. These babies guarantee the finest quality of physical therapy in the River Valley!
It was nearly impossible getting these three to sit still at the same time and look somewhat happy. Chrissy, a PT at River Valley Therapy, did a lot of work with the photos and I think they turned out great!
Not sure which pic will go in the program, but they all look pretty good to me.

RHS Alma Mater
Dear Russellville High,
though art so good and kind to me,
Thy halls of learning ever dear shall be.
The memories of the years we spent within thy walls
An inspiration to our lives shall be.
Oh Red and Black, we're here to door die for thee.
Thy triumphs gladden hearts of girls and boys,
Thy trophies won, have filled us full of pride for thee,
Our Alma Mater, worthy of our loyalty.
"It's great-to be-a Russellville CYCLONE!!!
It's great-to be-a Russellville CYCLONE!!!"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No Contractions Today!

Roots are colored,
Toes are done.
Hurry Logan,
Come, come, come!

Monday, August 16, 2010

False Alarm? Always Trust a Mother's Instict!

So, I had a little false alarm last night. I was having some mild cramps and thought it was maybe the beginning of labor! With Madison, I went to bed with a stomach ache/cramps and was in labor all night long. We went to the hospital early the next morning to have her.

Well, I thought things might work out the same with Logan. I straightened up the house last night, packed the baby's bag, and packed my clothes just in case. Well, the cramps ended and I actually got a good night's rest. I've had some mild cramps this morning as well and ended up laying down while Madison took her morning nap because I didn't feel that well. I was just so sure that I would be dilated when my OB checked me later on in the day.

We just got home from my OB appointment and I have great news! My Dr. said I am dilated to a good 2 and the baby's head is very far down. I am scheduled to induce Monday morning at 6am. (The docs are strongly encouraged to wait to 39 weeks before inducing. I'll be 39 weeks on Saturday and my Dr. is not on call this weekend.) My Dr. said I may not make it until Monday. I really don't think I will, but it's nice to know that I won't have to wait any longer.

So, my thoughts? I was dilated to a 2 whenever I arrived at the hospital to have Madison. My mom's second baby came a week early. I really think I'll go into labor in the next couple of days. Yes, I'm a thinker and planner and I'm trying to figure this all out. But, it's so fun to try to guess when this baby boy is going to come!

Oh, I'm so ready to meet him. Enough waiting already!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

River Valley Therapy Clinic Picnic

Today we went to Gabe's clinic picnic for his employees. We enjoyed burgers, salsa and chips, and homemade ice cream. It was soo hot! We usually have the picnic mid September, but moved it up a couple of weeks this year since we are expecting a little one soon. Oh my! I sweated like a pig. Madison and I stayed for a couple of hours and then came home while everyone else went out on the lake for skiing, tubing, and wake boarding.
This is a picture of Melissa and I at last year's picnic with our "babies." I miss having one that little. Aren't they so cute?
Well, Madison is crying. She's just waken up from her 2 1/2 hour nap! Wow! (No, not all of her naps are this long, but you just never know how long she'll nap. They run anywhere from 1- 2.5 hours long. ) I think she was zapped from the heat! I tried to nap as well, but couldn't get comfortable and fall asleep. I did get one thing checked off of my big to-do list and I'm in the process and getting the kitchen cleaned up.
Happy Saturday! Stay out of the heat!

Friday, August 13, 2010

38 Weeks, Birthday Boy, & Bargains Galore on 64

I will be 38 weeks along tomorrow! Crazy, I know! I can't believe we are 2 weeks away from meeting little Logan...or less. You can call it mother's intuition, but I really feel like Logan will be entering our world several days early. Maybe 4 or 5. Logan currently weighs about 6.8 pounds and he's over 19 1/2 inches long like a leek.

I can't wait until I start feeling those labor cramps. I remember the night I was in labor with Madison. All night I had cramps and was trying to figure out if I was "in labor." I didn't want to wake Gabe up because I wanted to make sure that's what it really was. I pretty much watch the clock all night and timed my contractions. By early morning, my contractions were 1 minute long and 5 minutes apart. I called the OB nurse at the hospital and told her and she said I could come on down. Of course, I had to take a shower first and "get ready" for my big delivery. I had vaccumed the house the night before because I was scheduled to be induced the following morning. Madison had a different plan!

I've reached the point of my pregnancy where I'm moving a little faster to get things done. If Logan does come a little early, I've got several things to do before then.

1. I'm selling several things in the Rhea Lana's childrens' consignment sale coming up in less than two weeks. I've got to get my things priced and ready to go.
2. I've promised my husband that I will have Dave Ramsey's book, Financial Peace, read by the time Logan arrives.
3. I've got to sort through my pictures on my computer, organize them, and move them onto Gabe's computer.
4. I really need to clean/organize Madison's closet.

That's pretty much it. It's definately enough to keep me busy though!

On another note, Gabe celebrated his 35th birthday on Tuesday. We ate a great dinner at his parents' house. I sure love those birthday dinners.

I hit Bargains Galore on 64 Thursday morning with my sister. If you are not familiar with Bargains Galore, it's a weekend where you can hit garage sales on Hwy 64 from Fort Smith to at least Conway, I think. It's crazy!

Well, I better get busy with my to-do list. Time is ticking away.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cousin Love & RVT Shower

Yesterday, Madison's cousin, William, stayed with us for the morning while his mom attended a conference. From the pic it looks like Madison knows what she is doing, but she does not. In fact, she only stayed amused with this game for a very short time and then she wanted William back to play with her. William played this game pretty much all morning. I think he was a little bored with Madison's baby toys and frankly Madison, herself.
Last night, we had our second and last baby shower for Logan at Gabe's clinic.
We loved the cakes, especially the football.
I must say, the cake tasted awesome!
Our family of three...which will soon become four.
We received several razorback items, Gabe's favorite, and other cute little boy things. I, of course, came home from the shower and immediately started putting everything up in its special place. I think we are about ready for little Logan to arrive. Mentally? Probably not. Physically? Probably not. But, momma is ready for her old body back even if that means adding a newborn to her world.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birthday Parties & Baby Showers

Last night we celebrated Carson's 1st birthday! Their house was packed with each of these cute kiddos...and they did so good together! We quickly put them all on the couch for a picture and they actually stayed put. We were so impressed.

This morning I had my first baby shower for Logan at my sister's house. He got some cute things! Blankets, burp clothes, and clothes!

Me, Melissa, Mom, & Madison- doesn't she look thrilled to be celebrating "Bubba?!"
Madison enjoyed her first chocolate fountain!
Her lips were perfectly lined with chocolate. I thought it looked like lip liner! Ha!
The Hostesses: My sister, Megon, Lori, Melissa, & Lauren
All the girls at the shower- Thanks to all of you for the great gifts. I can't wait to use them all!

I've had fun "nesting" in Logan's room all afternoon. I feel like I could work in there forever. I picked up his bedding after the shower and got it set up in the crib. I'll have to post pics of it soon. Gabe is going to help me clean the closets out this evening and hang his curtains. His room is really coming along.
On another note, I've become quite the garage saler. It's kind of addicting. I went this morning and found some great finds. I found lots of great newborn clothes and 5 pairs of newborn shoes- so cute! The girl who was having the sale said her baby came 2 weeks early. (I had asked her why she had so many newborn things.) It's amazing how fast you can stock up on clothing by garage saleing. (I don't even know if saleing is a word???) It's so much cheaper than consignment and it's way more fun. Don't you just love to get a great bargain?
Well, it's time to hit the nursery. I'll post pics soon.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

Yesterday, Madison had a play date with two of her "boyfriends." Pictured above is Bennett, Madison, and Cale. I think I must have dressed Madison too sexy for her own good because Cale's little hormones were going wild! He stayed very close to Madison and kept trying to put his hands on her shoulders. (It must have been the spaghetti strap dress!) He even clawed her little shoulders once (not on purpose, though.) Poor kid, he was just trying to put on some moves. I felt bad when we left Lori's house- we pretty much showed up, ate, trashed the place, and then left quickly with very fussy babies who were ready for nap time. Sorry, Lori!
37 Weeks Pregnant!
Tomorrow makes 37 weeks! Logan is now considered "full term," even though my due date is three weeks away. If I went into labor now, his lungs will likely be mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb. Logan weighs around 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel (like a stalk of Swiss chard).
Logan's baby bedding will be ready to be picked up in the morning. I'm so excited. I can't wait to see the finished product and get everything set up in his room. I plan on working in his nursery a lot this weekend. I have a baby shower tomorrow and one on Monday at Gabe's clinic. Hopefully by mid next week, everything will be in its place.

On another note, Madison has been super clingy since we returned from the beach. She received LOTS of attention from Grandma and Grandpa and aunts and uncles, and she's expected that same amount of attention every day, all day, since we returned. Oh my is all I can say. She is going to be in for a rude awakening come a couple of weeks. I wonder if maybe she knows he will be here soon. We talk about "Bubba" often and she kisses him in my belly. It's sweet, but I sure hope "Bubba" doesn't rock her little world too awful hard!

We shall see...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gulf Shores- Part I

We had a GREAT time with my family in Gulf Shores. The beaches were great and I'm so glad we did not cancel our trip. We did move our reservations to another condo. We stayed at Phoenix on the Bay. I'll post pics of it later.
We decided to take the traditional beach pics in our white tops and jeans before the trip. I was worried that it would be way too hot, but it wasn't too bad with the breeze. We were sweating by the time we finished, but we managed to get some great pics.
Madison cooperated pretty well. We will probably go with several of these on our Christmas card.

My parents
Grandma & Grandpa "Bapaw"
Admiring a flower...

My sister, Melissa, and brother-in-law, Ryan

We had a blast during our time at the beach. I'll post more pics later and tell you all about our trip!