Thursday, May 13, 2010

If Momma Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy!

Yes, Walmart and Kroger. A Mother's Worst Nightmare. Those of you who were not blessed with a strong willed child will not truly understand this post. Secretly, I do wish that everyone could experience what I experience on a weekly basis, but I know that is not very christian-like.

Madison has never been fond of being constrained. In anything. Never cared much for her swing, bouncy seat, exersaucer, jump-a-roo, car seat, etc. You get the point. Well, after she got tubes put in her ear, her behavior took a turn for the better. She would actually sit like a good girl in the grocery cart while I shopped. Now, I couldn't shop for too long, or she would start to fuss, but she simply acted like every normal kid. Normal. What exactly is that?

Well, normal has ended. Madison now wants you to hold her up so she can push the cart. Have you ever tried to do that? It's impossible. You cannot hold a baby and push the cart and shop for groceries. So, I exhaust myself trying to force her to sit in the cart, while she screams and stands up and nearly falls out of the cart. It's a nightmare! It happened today and I'm embarrassed. Everyone stares and either smiles with sympathy or looks at you with that "do something" look. I hate that look. And since I'm going off, I might as well say it. I absolutely hate, with a passion, the phrase, "Is someone not happy?" I mean, isn't it obvious that someone is not happy? Did they really have to say that? Not only is "someone" not happy, MOMMA is not happy and now is ticked bc friendly lady just had to ask, "Is someone not happy?!" Wow, can I get an amen?!!

Anyways, I've about decided that I'm through. I'll be grocery shopping by myself from now on. I'll go when Gabe gets home. I'd even wake up at midnight.

Does anyone truly know what I'm talking about?



From another mommy of a strong-willed child, I second your entire post! ha! And I hate that phrase too but I really hate the looks. Those drive me insane! It's like people haven't seen a fussy baby before!

I don't take Caleb with me, Jake and I trade off. He does ok for short trips but that is it!


History just repeating I think. I am sitting here just smiling. You are so funny Kristy and I can just see it as if I was there. Those pictures you posted above your Wal-mart ordeal are too adorable!!! I love the one where you and the two ladies are at the retired party and look at that face as Madison is really giving the one lady a major "looking over." That is too too good!! She is really your girl!! No doubt, right?


Poor baby!! She is truly your girl!History just repeating itself.. Send her to me and let her help me back cookies!!

Crash Test Parents

Kristy, I feel your pain. Cale tries to crawl out of everything (shopping carts, high chairs, etc.) He fusses and and screams when we try to make him sit. The other night, Carl and I decided we were going to refuse to let him out of his high chair (at home) until we had eaten dinner. About 5 minutes in and a monster fit by Cale, I was so frustrated and almost in tears myself. So just know, you're not alone!!! :) We'll look back on these days and laugh...right? That's what I keep telling myself!


Maybe you could try distracting her from what it is she wants? I often will have Paxtin look at EVERYTHING we pass in the store/walmart. We talk about the colors and stuff. You might even try bringing a book or two. Just some thoughts-hope she gets better for you.

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