Thursday, May 20, 2010

15 Months...From Sweet to Sour!

"Grammy had a great time dressing me up with her glasses!"
"NO!!! (my favorite word) Not the bow again!"
"Seriously, Mom. I said, NOT the bow!"
"Fine, just hurry and take the picture, but I'm not going to face the camera."
Madison's favorite Aunt Phyllis (from TX) sent Madison this car! You should have seen her face light up when she first saw it sitting in the garage. The girl LOVES this thing. She could play with it for hours. Gabe and I got tired of standing outside while she played in it, so we brought it inside the garage, shut the garage door, left the door to the house open and just let her play in the garage. She thinks she is SUCH a big girl with this car. She is SUCH a Miss Priss!
Getting a ride from Daddy
"Wee! Oops, I'm falling..."
"Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" Remind you of Dorothy, anyone? ;) Notice her hands are still gripped firmly on the steering wheel. Did I mention she's strong willed?
So, what has Madison been up to now that she is 15 months old??? I'm so glad you asked! As I've mentioned before, Madison is a strong willed child. So much so, I realized it when she was just an infant. I was a strong willed child, independent, ornery, etc, so I really already knew before Madison was born that she would be JUST like me. Well, it just so turned out that she is. When Madison is sweet, she is VERY sweet. She really is a loving baby. She likes to be held and likes to give hugs, kisses, and blow kisses. But...when Madison is SOUR, she is VERY SOUR! She has developed into an even strongER willed child in just the last week. I have spent more time in prayer this week...praying that God will give me the knowledge and wisdom to know how to parent Madison. It's actually very hard. Instead of just getting through the feedings, naps, and diaper changes, I'm now actually having to discipline constantly and teach! I've realized what a huge and overwhelming responsibility this "parenting" thing is.
*Madison says the following words- NO, mama, dada, quack quack, ruff, panting noise, thank you
*She loves bathtime
*She LOVES to play outside
*She still loves her walks in the stroller
*She likes to read books...well, for a short period of time
*She loves her Daddy. She gets so excited when she sees him. She plays hard to get at first, but then goes on the hunt to find him in the house and always cries when he leaves for work.
*Madison loves older kids
*She wears size 12-18 months clothes
*Still in size 3 diaper, but won't be for much longer
*Has had NO earaches since her tubes were put in. Yea!
On a totally different note, I told Gabe it had been a while since I'd made homeade chicken and dumplings and blackberry cobbler. So, he got it tonight. It was yummy!



I feel like I'm writing your posts! Ha! If we get Caleb and Madison together it would be crazy I'm sure! I've had a hard time with disciplining too. And he knows when he's doing something wrong and just tries my patience. I agree that it's overwhelming. Hope you're feeling good!!


the picture of Madison falling under the car is hilarious!! I love the little outfit she is wearing in it as well, when I saw her at church on Wednesday with it on I couldn't stop saying how cute it was!

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