Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flower Power...with a bee in her bonnet!

This picture would be a lot cuter if she was smiling, but I guess she wasn't as thrilled as I was to go for a morning run. In fact, I was supposed to run 4 miles, but only made it 1 mile. Madison pretty much cried most of the way. At least she looked cute. Madison's Grammy bought her this cute fleece jacket and she is just now getting to wear it. It's perfect for this nice fall weather.

Madison has done pretty well in the jogging stroller, but we are now up to 4 miles in our training program for the half marathon. She's not handling 4 miles. She handles 2 1/2 miles great...3 is pushing it, and 4 is just plain stupid! So, I've decided to head back to the fitness center. I was working out there pretty regular before I started training for the half marathon. I froze my account once I starting running with Madison outside. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep running with her forever. Bless her heart, she just gets tired of it, I'm sure. So...tomorrow morning we'll be heading back to the gym. I'm actually going to run down main street while she's in fit kids. I hate running on the treadmill. The time just passes by so much slower than when you're outside and actually going somewhere. Does anyone know the mileage for main street? I guess I will have to get in the car and figure it out, but I'd like to run 2 miles away from the gym and then 2 miles back.
Madison and I went to see Gabe today at the clinic and I got my flu shot. I'm glad that's over. It really wasn't all that bad. Just a little heaviness.
I have had the best day with Madison. We ironed some clothes this afternoon and did some laundry and then I took her for a leisurely stroll. She enjoyed it. I just laid her down for a nap and have yet to take a shower, so I better run!

What a cute kid! She must get her good looks from her mother! Ha!


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