Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big Mistake, Big Suprise, Big Girl

1. Big Mistake
I don't think anyone caught my big mistake, but in Madison's 8 month pictures, I wrote the wrong birth date on her sign. I wrote her birth date as 10.17.09 and it is 10.19.09. Oops. I do have to say though, that it is all Gabe's fault. He's the one who told me that she turned 8 months on the 17th. We were married on November 17th and I think we get that date confused with her birthday.

2. Big Surprise
Madison's Aunt Holley (Gabe's sister, my sister-in-law) is currently living outside of Boston doing travel therapy. She surprised everyone by flying in this weekend. We took Gabe's parents out to eat and gave them an early 40th anniversary present... a family vacation to Branson for a week. Yes, we will all be tagging along as well. I have some great pics of all of us, but they are on my sister-in-law's camera so I will be posting them soon.

3. Big Girl
I dressed Madison up the night we went out to eat for Gabe's parents' 40th anniversary. Ch-Ch-Ch-Cheetah! Doesn't she look cute in animal print? I just love dressing up my baby girl.

I bought her white flower bow at War Eagle. I thought it looked cute with this outfit.
We are all dealing with a cold of some sort at the Freyaldenhoven household. No fun! Hopefully we will all get well soon!


Kristen and David

She is such a cutie! Definitely love the cheetah!

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