Sunday, October 18, 2009

Around the world and back...

Whew! It really does feel like Madison and I have been around the world and back during the last week. This past week was definitely my busiest week yet as a mom and I hope to NEVER have a week this busy again. Here is a recap of "the world" we traveled this past week. (Click on pics to enlarge.)
Thursday- War Eagle in Bentonville, AR
We had a great time at War Eagle. I hadn't been since I was a little girl. My grandparents have had a booth there several years, but were not able to make it this year. My Aunt and Uncle both had their own booth at the craft fair this year...salsa/pepper jellies & jewelry. I was a little disappointed in the craft selection. A little too "crafty" for me. I have never been too fond of crafts of this sort. It was pretty chilly...we about froze.

Friday- Johnston's Pumpkin Patch
For the MOMs October Playdate, we carpooled down to Greenbriar, AR to visit Johnston's Pumpkin Patch. We all rode on a hayride, visited with the farm animals, took pics of the kids in the pumpkin patch, and picked out a pumpkin. The fields were pretty muddy since it had rained several days in a row before we went. We had a good time, but those of us with babies decided it was a little too much work on us moms! The things we do for our kids...:)
Saturday- Race for the Cure
Mom, Melissa, Madison, and I all ran in the Race for the Cure. We drove to Conway Friday evening with several other girls from Gabe's clinic and ate dinner at Fuji's Hibachi Grill. We spent the night in a hotel in LR and woke up early Saturday morning for the race. My grandmother, Meme, is a breast cancer survivor so we ran this race in celebration of her! You would have loved to be there, Meme. We finished the race with 45,000 other women! It was Mom and Melissa's first time to run the race. People dress crazy there! They get decked out in pink....from pink wigs, to holding up flamingos on a stick, to men dressing up like women. It's quite the experience. If you've never walked/ran the race you should!

Well, if you've ever traveled around the world and back you know that it makes you quite tired! So... I'm off to bed. Good night!


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