Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Calmer Week

This week has been a much calmer week, and I am so thankful for it! Madison turned 8 months old on Saturday. Our monthly photo shoots are getting more challenging the older she gets. She is fascinated with paper and grabs at it any chance she gets. She especially loves my grocery list!
You may be wondering what Madison can or cannot do at this stage in her life, so...let me just tell you.

1. As of today, I can say that Madison is officially crawling. She's had it figured out for a while now, but has never taken more than a couple of steps. Tonight though, she crawled all the way into the kitchen from the living room and would have kept on going if I wouldn't have picked her up for her bath! She is a pretty cute little crawler.
2. She loves to pull herself up. I don't like this very much, because she is now constantly getting hurt. She bumps her head on whatever object she is pulling up on, or she falls back and hits her head on the ground. fun for Mom.
3. She loves baby yogurt. She loves any kind of fruit baby food.
4. She still likes her exersaucer. She sometimes plays in her playpen. She likes her jumperoo for very short periods of time. She still sits in her bumbo some, but is about too big for it. She can about pull herself out of it. She sits in her high chair now to eat.
5. We have introduced the following foods to her: pickles, bread/crackers, macaroni, lemons, mandarin oranges. Random, I know. She also likes apple juice, diluted, of course.
6. She likes stroller rides, but not long stroller rides.
7. Still likes to be held, but about wiggles out of your arms now.
8. Wakes up two times a night.
9. Just recently, I have started laying her on her back in her crib and turning her mobile on at bedtime. It is working well! She goes right to sleep.
10. Still loves bathtime and still takes a bath in her baby tub. Still blow her dry.
11. Loves to watch cartoons.
12. Loves her grandparents!
13. Squeals with delight when Mommy holds her and runs through the house with Daddy chasing behind.

These are just a few of Madison's highlights during this phase of her little life. She has been sick with a bad, congested cough this week. I think I'm going to take her to the doctor tomorrow. It just sounds so bad. Hope you have a great weekend!
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