Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birthday Parties & Baby Showers

Last night we celebrated Carson's 1st birthday! Their house was packed with each of these cute kiddos...and they did so good together! We quickly put them all on the couch for a picture and they actually stayed put. We were so impressed.

This morning I had my first baby shower for Logan at my sister's house. He got some cute things! Blankets, burp clothes, and clothes!

Me, Melissa, Mom, & Madison- doesn't she look thrilled to be celebrating "Bubba?!"
Madison enjoyed her first chocolate fountain!
Her lips were perfectly lined with chocolate. I thought it looked like lip liner! Ha!
The Hostesses: My sister, Megon, Lori, Melissa, & Lauren
All the girls at the shower- Thanks to all of you for the great gifts. I can't wait to use them all!

I've had fun "nesting" in Logan's room all afternoon. I feel like I could work in there forever. I picked up his bedding after the shower and got it set up in the crib. I'll have to post pics of it soon. Gabe is going to help me clean the closets out this evening and hang his curtains. His room is really coming along.
On another note, I've become quite the garage saler. It's kind of addicting. I went this morning and found some great finds. I found lots of great newborn clothes and 5 pairs of newborn shoes- so cute! The girl who was having the sale said her baby came 2 weeks early. (I had asked her why she had so many newborn things.) It's amazing how fast you can stock up on clothing by garage saleing. (I don't even know if saleing is a word???) It's so much cheaper than consignment and it's way more fun. Don't you just love to get a great bargain?
Well, it's time to hit the nursery. I'll post pics soon.


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