Friday, August 20, 2010

18 Months Old!

"I'm just as cute and innocent as can be!"
Is this little doodle bug a cutie or what? Madison turned 18 months old on the 19th. She is officialy 1 1/2 years old! I cannot believe she will be two years old soon.
As you can see, Madison has on a headband & bow. She lets me put them on her occasionally.
"I'm up to no good!"
Madison still loves the outdoors, although we haven't been outside much due to the extreme heat! Momma just can't take it. Who can? I had been letting her take daily showers with me, but recently started letting her have her own bath time again and she loves it. She splashes around and plays for quite a while.
"Hey, there!"
Madison is starting to communicate with us a lot better. Her vocabulary expands every day and it is so neat watching her learn to talk and communicate.
She loves to dance and snap...except instead of actually snapping, she just moves her fingers and clicks her tongue. (to get the full effect!) It is soo cute. She will start dancing and snapping anytime she hears music.
"What do you mean we're getting a new addition to the family?"
Madison loves to hug and kiss and is a loving baby. She's also really good at throwing fits when she doesn't get her way. She's had her share of spankings!

She LOVES her grandparents and is very close to each of them. She knows she gets her way when she's around them and she is a booger once she leaves them. It takes a little while to whip her back into shape!

Madison hasn't received her 18 month birthday present yet. She will get to meet him on Monday...her new little brother, Logan Carter. Please pray for us and Madison as we adapt to this change together.

3 more days...


Lydia Lonon Miller

So cute! What a big girl!

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