Monday, July 5, 2010

Queen of the Kitchen

Yes, she will one day be...Queen of the Kitchen! But for right now, she's "in training." I bought Madison this adorable apron at a little store in the mall in Fayetteville back when I was pregnant with her. It says "Queen of the Kitchen...In Training." It is so cute that it is "dry clean only!" But, great cooks don't make messes, right?! I consider it my duty to teach Madison how to be a great cook. I always knew that the true secret to win a man's heart was to feed his belly well! :)

This morning was Madison's 1st lesson in cooking. She helped make her daddy pancakes.

Dear Madison,

Step 1: Get comfortable. Put your apron on so you won't mess up your clothes and take your shoes off or put comfortable ones on if you feel the need.

Step 2: Gather your ingredients. Make sure you have everything you need before you get started. It's an awful feeling to start cooking only to realize that you're lacking one ingredient. This has sent Momma into turmoil many a times!
Step 3: Inspect your ingredients and make sure they are not expired. Then, start compiling then together according to the recipe.
Step 4: Remember, always mix dry ingredients together first. :)
Step 5: It's okay to take a little taste along the way.
Step 6: Taste okay? If so, proceed with recipe.
Step 7: Not sure if it tasted okay? Well, then taste again.
Step 8: Still tasting, huh? That unsure?
Step 9: Once the dry ingredients are mixed well together, add the wet ingredients to the mixture and whisk well!
Great Job baby girl on your first patch of pancakes. Momma only burned one!



My Kind Of Girl!! Way to go Madison

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