Sunday, July 11, 2010

And His Name Shall Be Called...

Yes, we have finally picked out a name for our baby boy...Logan Carter. We've thought about this name for quite some time now, but just hadn't nailed anything down. Well, we've now nailed it down! We've taught Madison how to say "bubba," so I guess now we should start teaching her to say "Logan." I think Madison will be quite fond of her baby brother, once she gets over the jealousy part. I'm afraid she may think SHE is the mother. Oh dear!

Logan's Nursery...
*Please ignore all of the "stuff" outside and inside the crib. I went through Madison's closet and pulled out a lot of things that I never needed and am planning on putting them in the Rhea Lana's consignment sale coming up the end of August.
Yesterday, we hung half of Logan's nursery decor up, and today Gabe spent several hours working on connecting these two Louisville slugger baseball bats together. What a great dad! Logan's room looks great and is really coming along.

We (okay, I'm) going with a rustic/vintage sports theme for Logan's nursery. I picked out sports decor that can be used in a big boy's room as well as a nursery. I did the same thing when decorating Madison's room.
We are still going with this fabric for the bedding. It is in the process of being made. Hopefully I will have it around the beginning of August. It will complete the room!
I haven't posted a pregnancy pic in forever, pretty much just because I haven't taken one. This pic was taken on July 3rd at 32 weeks.

Oh, and an update on my foot. I think I'm going to make it after all. ;) No stress fracture, but could have possibly torn a ligament. I've been encouraged to wear tennis shoes anytime I'm on my feet and have pretty much diligently done so every day for the past week and a half. I even joked that I wore my water shoes in the shower. Ha! Just Kidding. I did wear sandals to church this morning, because,'s church! My foot feels a lot better, but every pregnant woman knows that sometimes you've just gotta get off your feet!

So since my foot is starting to feel better, I'm now dealing with my back. I'm just falling apart! Gabe ordered me a pregnancy back brace. It kind of gives your belly a lift. Not sure if I feel relief from it, but I guess it sure doesn't hurt to wear it! Let me just say that I'm soo ready to have this baby-mainly to feel normal again. (but of course, also to meet my sweet little boy!) I had back pain during my last pregnancy, but not NEAR like I have during this one. Wow!

Hope you all have a great weekend. Ours was fast and busy. Seems like it went by way too quick!



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