Tuesday, July 20, 2010

17 Months Old

Madison, You turned 17 months old yesterday! You are getting to be such a big girl! I decided to quickly put a bow in your hair to take your monthly picture, but it did not stay in for long.
*Your vocabulary has really expanded! You can say so many words...mama, dada, daddy, poppa, you've said grandma and grandpa once (a little distorted), cheese, shoes, socks, juice, bottle, shoo (when you have a poopy diaper), pee pee, thank you, you said please for me today, kitty cat, amen, outside, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few more words. You make animal sounds for puppy, duck, and pig. Sometimes we say different words and you will repeat them after us. You are one smart kiddo!
*You have thrown some CRAZY fits lately. I was pretty sure Satan, himself, entered your body, but maybe you were just having a really bad day! Your daddy and I are "learning" how to deal with you when you're having those "moments."
*You LOVE to go outside. We don't go out often because it's been soo hot and humid and momma just can't take it, but when we do go outside you throw a wild fit when we make you come in. I just don't know why you'd rather not stay cool and clean like your momma.
*You are a picky eater for the time being. You don't eat much of anything, unless it's something sweet. You usually eat spaghetti o's, hot dogs, cheese slices, green beans, apple sauce, and yogurt. You also seem to like fried veggies. You are your father's daughter! You are missing out on so many good foods, girlfriend! Hopefully, you'll learn to love food soon like your mama.
*You still sleep through the night and love your blankets. You carry them around the house. Every morning when we go to your room to get you, we find you standing with a blanket in each hand.
*You've been off of the bottle since 15 months, except for a bottle of milk before bedtime. Mama realized the other day that Logan will be here in 5 1/2 weeks and decided it was time to take away your bedtime bottle. For the past three nights, your bottle has been replaced with a sippie cup of milk. You don't drink much of it, but seem content without the bottle. Of course, if you saw a bottle, you'd want it. :)
*You've still been running fever. We are ready for your 2nd molar to hurry up and finish coming in. Mama gets up in the middle of the night to give you motrin. She is tired.
*Part of me loves the fact that you are becoming a big girl, but part of me wants you to stay a baby forever. You are a sweet baby when you want to be, but when you don't get your way you are a sight! When you are having a sweet moment, you come up to me and hug my legs and kiss them. You are such a loving baby and very affectionate. We love you, Madison Grace.
Love, Mama and Daddy


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