Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She's a Big Girl Now

Gabe got out Madison's new "big girl" car seat last night. It was so cute because she stayed by his side from the moment he got home until she went to bed. Gabe was on the phone whenever he walked in the door and he hugged Madison and then dropped her off in the kitchen with me. He headed back to our room and she just followed him! She loves when her daddy gets home from work. I think it probably took Gabe a little longer to get the car seat set up because he had a little munchkin who wanted to sit in it and crawl all over him.
This morning was Madison's first time to try out her "big girl" seat facing the FRONT! It was a little hectic this morning because Madison had school pictures today at Mother's Day Out. I was running a little late and there was tears involved, so I can't say that she really noticed the new seat this morning. I think she did enjoy it this afternoon when I picked her up. She was jabbering and smiling at me.
Madison has been in a great mood the past couple of days. We can really see an effect of the tubes. She is happier in general and behaves better in restaurants. She is very lovey and touchy. She really likes to be held and hugged.
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Tonight we are going to watch the Tech game. Tech is in a tournament right now and everyone in town has been going to support them. Go Wonder Boys!


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