Wednesday, March 24, 2010

4 days and counting...

We are soo proud of Madison. She has slept through the night for 4 nights straight now. I'm beginning to think she may just have this down. It's a good thing too, because tomorrow afternoon we are leaving for a mini trip to Dallas with my Mom and sister to visit my aunt's family. I almost hated to go since we're in the process of "training" Madison to sleep all night, but I feel like she may just do pretty well while we're gone. The last thing you want is a crying baby in the middle of the night at someone else's house! I also have been reading about these teething tablets. Madison is cutting several teeth right now, and has been a little crankier lately. These tablets are supposed to ease the pain and help them sleep better. Soo, I invested in some today and will probably drop a tablet or two into her last bottle right before bedtime each night that we are in TX.

Speaking of accomplishments, as of today Madison is drinking all whole milk from her bottle! Yay! The switch really was not hard at all. I think we did it in about a week and a half!

Yesterday, Madison had her 1-year old doctor's appointment. Yes, I know that she is now 13 months, but she had an ear infection on the day of her "first" 1-year old appointment, so we had to reschedule. The doc said everything looked good. She weighs about 20.5 lbs. I didn't get her height or percentiles. I guess you have to ask those things, because they have never told me. I thought she may have an ear infection since she's been rubbing her ears a lot , but the doc said no! It sounds like we are in the clear for now...


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