Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Prayers Please...

If this cute little face doesn't just melt your heart, I don't know what will. I took Madison to the hospital today to get registered for her surgery in the morning. She is schedule to have tubes put in at 8:30am. We are to arrive at the hospital at 7:30am. I'm a little scared about tonight because she cannot have any liquids after midnight. I put her to bed about 7:30 and will wake her up a little before midnight for one final bottle. I hope and pray that she sleep until we wake her up a little before 7:00. She normally wakes up around 3:30am to eat, but hopefully since she'll be eating at midnight she'll sleep on until we wake her. Please pray that tonight will go smoothly and she will sleep!
I haven't really thought about the procedure much, but being in the hospital today made me think about tomorrow. I probably will tear up when I hand her off. She will only be "out" for about 10 minutes, but the whole things is a little scary. I know that she will feel so much better afterwards and Gabe and I are both ready for that. Who knows? Maybe she'll start sleeping through the night. I wish...
So, I really like for people to think that my house is clean all of the time, but if you ever stop by without calling first this is what it will look like. Madison does all of her playing in the kitchen usually, and sometimes in the living room. The drawer that is pulled out to the left is the "candy drawer" and she has known it for quite some time. It has a child lock on it, but it will pull out as far as it is in this picture. It's amazing how much candy she can pull out of a one ince space. She is holding "razorback gum" in this pic. She usually cannot get the wrapper off of the candy, but loves to tote it around the house.
Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow. I'll be sure to update after the procedure.



I will be praying for Princess and her precious mom! Let me know if I can bring you lunch or something! Love ya girl!

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