Friday, March 5, 2010

1st Ugly Boo-Boo

Thursday was an eventful day! A friend and I took advantage of our Mother's Day Out day and headed to Conway for a very short road trip. We ate at Chili's and did a little shopping. The time passed by way too quickly, but it was fun to just get some "me" time.

When I picked Madison up from MDO, her teachers told me she had gotten a boo-boo, and it was quite the boo-boo. If you look at the picture above, you can see a scab on her chin in the shape of a backwards "c." Ignore the string of broccoli to the right of it. :) I normally don't care about things like this, but Madison had pictures scheduled for the next day (today). I knew the photographer could photoshop the "boo-boo" out of the pics, but you still always want your baby looking their best! Right?

Pictures went pretty well. Gabe went with me this time. He's so much better at getting Madison to smile. Pictures took about an hour and we were plum exhausted by the time we left. It's hard work getting a baby to sit, walk, stand, freeze, and smile! I could never be a photographer. We took one-year birthday pictures and Easter pictures. I brought zebra and pink balloons for the birthday pic and Madison wore her zebra and pink outfit from her 1st birthday party. For her Easter pictures, she wore her light pink Easter dress and posed by her Easter basket full of pastel eggs. I think we got some good ones.

Tomorrow Gabe and I will be heading down to LR. We are going to spend the night because Sunday morning is RACE DAY. Gabe has been training for this marathon for several months and he is ready. He is going to do great. My mom and dad are going to bring Madison down Sunday morning to help cheer him on. I just know he'll be encourage when he sees that sweet little face with a scabby boo-boo on her little chin. :)

Say a little prayer for Gabe on Sunday morning. The race starts at 8:00am and will take around 4 hours or so.

Madison tried broccoli out for the first time today. She liked it.

Madison LOVES talking on the phone!
"WHAT??!! I racked up the phone bill. Oh no! I'm soo sorry, Daddy!"
Posing in her new Easter dress.
Check out her ruffle socks and big girl shoes. They even have a slight heel!


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