Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stomach Bug

Watch out, because the bug has been floating around town! I felt a little nauseated Wednesday night, but felt better during the day. I also felt nauseated Thursday night, and went to bed feeling queasy. Gabe and I both woke up in the middle of the night sick as a dog! Thursday night was the longest night of my life! I can't remember having a stomach bug this bad in a long time.

I called my dad Friday morning and he came and got Madison. There is no way we could have taken care of her. Friday evening, my dad had caught the bug. Then, my brother, Ryan, came home from work, and he had the bug too. My mom was feeling a little queasy, but said she could still take care of Madison. ;) Well, sure enough, she had a rough night too.

Gabe's Dad also came home Friday after school feeling sick, and Margaret started feel sick on Saturday as well. WOW! It's amazing how this bug can travel so fast. We picked Madison up Saturday morning and brought her home. We felt better, but it was still hard taking care of her and ourselves.

The bug pretty much just lasted 24 hours and we are soo thankful we are over it! Thank you, Lord. When I was feeling so sick, I thought about people who are chronically ill and go through this all of the time. I could never make it. Thank you, Margaret, for bringing us Campbell's soup and medicine. And thank you, Megon, for bringing us Sprite, crackers, soup, and jello. That was so thoughtful of you!

Thank goodness, Madison has not gotten the bug yet... and hopefully, will not get it. Madison has been happy as a lark the past couple of days. I think she enjoyed spending time with her grandma and grandpa. She is getting so fast these days. She has worn me out the past two days. I have basically had to just give up getting anything done around here.

Here she is in one her new outfits...size 12 months! The past couple of days she has been blabbing non-stop. She's learned a new word. Lah-lah-lah-lah. I asked her if she is going to be a singer like her momma. Her reply? Lah-lah-lah-lah. So, I guess the answer is yes.


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