Thursday, November 19, 2009

9 Months Old and Counting...

Look who's 9 months old...

If these people can't tell that I'm cute by now, then forget it!
What is Madison up to these days?
*eats baby food 3 times a day- introduced meats at 8 1/2 months
*wears size 3 diaper
*starting to grow out of some 6-9 months outfits and fit into some 12 months outfits
*weighs 17 lbs, 4 oz
*crawls great, and is getting faster
*loves to pull up, pull out drawers
*smashed fingers in drawer for the first time, fell and hit head on tile for first time
*says Mama, Dada, bye bye constantly
*waves, claps hands all the time
*wakes up twice a night...we need to work on this
*not real big on playing in playpen, exersaucer, etc./wants to be on the floor on her own
Madison, it won't be long before you turn 1 year old. I can't wait to plan your 1st birthday party. Of course, it will be decked out in pink. You are doing so many cute things at this age, but this is definitely the hardest age so far for momma! I just can't get everything done around the house AND watch you, too. Slow down, girlfriend!

Gabe celebrated Thanksgiving with his employees at RVT today by frying a yummy turkey for them. Everyone brought potluck and enjoyed a wonderful meal. Madison and I got to tag along, too! I usually don't like turkey because it is usually dry, but a deep fried turkey is juicy and great! The crispy, fried skin is great, as well!

My dream come true...
I have told Gabe before that I've always wanted an ice cream cake from Baskin favorite ice cream parlor! My favorite flavor of ice cream there is mint chocolate chip, so...I told him my dream cake would be a chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream in the middle. Well, Tuesday was our wedding anniversary and Wednesday he had to go to UCA to teach some physical therapy classes to the P.T. students. He drove to Greenbriar to get me this wonderful cake. I made myself sick last night by eating not one, but TWO pieces. I felt nauseated in the middle of the night while feeding Madison. Tonight, I took a break from this cake and ate a piece of turtle cheesecake instead. Not much of a break, huh?
Happy 9 months, Madison. We love you, baby!


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