Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Festival of Occasions

Madison wore one of her cutest outfits the other day.
I just love hot pink and lime green together!

Occasion #1: I took Madison to the doctor yesterday because she has had a cold for several weeks now. The medicine that the doctor gave her never helped, so he said to bring her back in. It turns out, she has an ear infection in her left ear. I never would have guessed that. She hasn't been pulling at her ears. She scratches the inside of them occasionally, but has been doing that for some time now. It's usually because I need to clip her fingernails. It makes sense that she has an ear ache though because yesterday she would just start crying hysterically. I knew she didn't feel good. She has been whiny today, but I think the medicine will start kicking in tomorrow. I hope she gets to feeling better soon.

On another note, she is moving all over the place. She wants to pull up on everything and I'm just not used to this sort of thing. I like to get things done around the house, and just can't with her around. She falls and bumps her head several times a day. She should be toughened up pretty soon. ;)

Occasion #2: Last night, we had a Ladies' Night Out at church called Festival of Tables. 8 ladies pick a table and decorate it with a Christmas/Winter or Fall/Thanksgiving theme. We ate a yummy meal, watched a craft demonstration, and listened to a wonderful speaker. I was blessed to be there and had a fun time with the girls. We used my china, Michelangelo silverware, and crystal goblets. You would have been so proud of the table setting, MeMommie! (My MeMommie loves to decorate/set the table with fine dishes. My love for pretty dishes is definitely something I inherited from her.
*Our Sunday School class filled two tables. I wish I would have taken some pics of the other table, but I didn't. I thought both tables turned out great. They were both decorated with a Christmas theme with gold and silver trees.

Gabe and I are still training for the half marathon. I'm up to 6 miles and Gabe is up to 9 miles. We are still eating very well though, so we look pretty much the same. ;) My body is very sore from today's run, so it's off to bed for me!

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M Oliver

Up to six mean on Saturdays or that you are running that much on the days we train? The table did look beautiful! Great job Kristy!! I hope that Madison feels better soon.

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