Monday, November 14, 2011

R-E-D with a little bit of H-O-T

It's a little hot here today! But, we should be used to this because it always gets hot again after we've had several bits of cold weather.

I took Logan to the doctor this morning because he has had bad drainage for 5 days. The doctor said he didn't think Logan had the stomach bug, but that his drainage is causing him to throw up. Sounds good to me, but it's probably still a good thing I've kept him cooped up in the house. You just never know.

Since it was so warm today and we were up and out bright and early, I decided to take the kids to the church playground. That's actually a pretty big deal for us because I don't take them much. I'm not really an "outside" girl. I prefer the indoors! We occassionally play out on the front drive, but only occassionally. The kids had fun and Logan is getting really good at playing on the big kid equipment. I think he can handle the big stairs by himself without toppling down. That brightened my day a little. It's major work for this momma at his stage in life right now!

Both kids are napping and I need to be sterilizing and cleaning a bit, so I better hop off here!


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