Friday, November 4, 2011

Playdates & Parties

Back up to last Friday...whoa! I'm way behind on blogging and I have to rewind a few days because we've been up to some fun stuff lately. It's been busy around here and I know with the holidays approaching it will just get busier! Last Friday morning, we loaded up and traveled to Ft. Smith to attend Eli's Halloween Costume Party. Pictured above is one of my childhood best friends, Lauren and her son Eli. Lauren is due with her second son mid December. Why she decided to pull off a party, I have no idea, but she pulled off a heck of a party!

Eli the "cow"
Madison the "giraffe"

Logan the "frog"

I love throwing parties and I love attending great parties! I didn't know this about Lauren, but "she can throw a party!" I mean, anyone call throw a party, but a great party is all about the details! It's all about the presentation, right? ;)

I'm assuming Lauren made all of the food. She had green rice krispie treat "Frankensteins," mini pumpkin muffins, "mummie" wrapped hot dogs, fruit, cupcakes, cookies, chili for the moms, AND veggie chili. Now, I didn't partake in the veggie chili, but I'm sure some moms were all about it!

LOTS of decor!

Trick-or-Treat buckets for the kids to decorate and take home.

I did count heads at this party. Around 20 moms and 35 kids. Can I say, OH MY GOSH??? I would literally freak out if I ever had 35 kids in my house. Talk about, HOUSE WRECK!!! But, the crazy thing was that it actually stayed under control. Lauren has a huge backyard and about half the crowd stayed inside and the other half stayed outside. The kids also seemed smaller than Madison so that made a huge difference. I mean, I would NEVER in my right mind invite 35 two year olds inside my house. There were many crumbs of food on the floors inside, but besides that everything pretty much stayed in tack. A job well done, my friend!

Russellville Girls

Emily, Maggie, & Molly

Stephanie, Audrey, & Stella

Pretty sure I probably got the twins mixed up!

And, we missed Breanne!

I was exhausted by the time we finally pulled out! Playdates and I go round and round!

But, the fun wasn't over yet! Oh no, we had a birthday party to attend that night for Madison's friend, Anna Kate, at the Jump Place in town. Cinderella and Snow White were there!

Madison wasn't quite sure what to think at first, but she liked them as a little time passed!

A fun, filled day!


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