Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ponytail Holder, Picasso, & Festival of Tables

This cute little girl informed me with a panicked look on her face the other day that she had just put a ponytail holder up her nose! (The clear plastic kind.) Somehow I remained pretty calm and held down one nostril and had her blow! Out come the snotty ponytail holder. Whew! That could have been a trip to the ENT. I asked her why she stuck it up her nose and...she had no answer! Just glad she immediately told me.

We might have a little Picasso on our hands. This girls loves to paint. I let her paint her mini pumpkin after I had the pumpkin painting party at my house a while back. She loved it so I bought her some washable paints and she paints in her highchair pretty often. It's really not too messy. I just have to wash her hands and wipe down the highchair after she gets done. The paint always washes right out of her clothes if she gets any on her.

We had a Ladies Night at our church the beginning of November called "Festival of Tables." Each table hostess is responsible for decorating their table with a centerpiece and dishes. I always decorate a table each year. It's a lot of work hauling everything from home, but it's a great reason to pull out that china that hardly ever gets used! I love eating from fine china. I mean, it's all about the presentation, right?

Tables can be decorated in a Fall or Christmas theme. I always go with Christmas. It's a little fancier and goes well with the fine china I think! We enjoyed a yummy dinner, entertainment by a high school violin player in our church, a craft demo, and a guest speaker.

Our Sunday School class filled three tables. I was glad so many girls came this year! Here is was my table.

SS Class Table #2

SS Class Table #3- They had a cute owl theme.

It was a fun night!


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