Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Playdates & Potty Training

Look at Miss Prissy Pants. You can't see, but she has on BIG GIRL panties for the third day in a row now. I had basically given up on potty training and really hardly ever even asked Madison if she wanted to go pee-pee on the potty, but my mom informed me that she was ready! Soo...I decided to give it one more try.

She wore panties on Monday afternoon until bedtime. We did go to the gym and I decided to just let her keep them on. She went potty once and then had an accident at the gym childcare center...Fit Kids. I think they didn't ask her again if she had to go. But, she had no accidents yesterday and has had none so far today. I do put a diaper on her at naptime and bedtime. She wakes up with a full diaper so clearly she is not quite ready for that step quite just yet. I'm just so super proud of her. I know every mom longs for the day that her child is potty trained. I'm just tired of buying diapers for two! I'm hoping to not put another diaper on her unless she's about to nap. My goal is for her to be potty trained by the time she goes back to MDO on Sept. 6. Seems very doable to me!

Speaking of diapers, I think I am about to make a daring plunge. I have two friends who use cloth diapers. Now, before you get wild ideas in your head you need to know that cloth diapers ARE NOT what they used to be. The are not the old burp rags that you pin on the sides. Oh no. They have come a looong way!

There are lots of brands to choose from, but they pretty much all have the same concept I believe. There is a cute, colorful outer waterproof diaper cover with an insert that goes inside. You can reuse the diaper cover throughout the day. You simply have to take the wet inset out and put a dry insert in. A diaper cover with an insert runs about $17. I'm probably looking at investing in $100-125 worth of cloth diapers/supplies, but that's it folks. You can reuse these with each baby. Here's a pic of the diapers I'm looking at.
FLIP cotton diapers from
I have a few questions to ask my friends who use these before I make my purchase, but I'm getting really excited about it. It really seems quite simple! I'll be sure to keep you updated on how these work out for us!

On another note, we have been busy this week! We've had a couple of playdates. Monday, we played at the church playground and enjoyed some beautiful cooler weather. Tuesday, we played at The Oliver's. Megon was crazy enough, I mean, gracious enough to have us along with several other kids over for playtime and some Whattaburger! Bless her for having us over! Gabe's clinic picnic is this Saturday and I have quite a to-do list, so we've got several things to keep ourselves busy with!

Happy Wednesday!


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