Monday, August 1, 2011

Mrs. Jordan Roe

My beautiful cousin, Jennifer, got married a little over a month ago. The kids and I traveled down to TX with my mom for the wedding. The kids did pretty good in the car. I think they enjoyed having their Grandma in the car with them.

This. Trip. Was. Soo. Hard!!! One thing I learned from this trip. It's way more work!!! It's way more work keeping your small kids at others' houses. Their houses are NOT baby proof like yours and you can never relax! My mom helped prepare & decorate for the wedding so she was always at the church. That left me and the kids (no dad!) alone at someone's house. For LONG periods of time. With NO highchairs to contain them. I usually didn't get a shower until someone showed up to help me with the kids. One day I just didn't even bother because I literally didn't have a moment free from the kids. It was one of the most stressful trips I've taken! (Sigh!) It's crazy to sit back and think about how much life changes once you have kids. Children are wonderful and I wouldn't trade it for the world, but life is definately not about me anymore. It's such a selfless be a parent.

I was glad once the wedding was finally over! It was a beautiful wedding and Jennifer looked absolutely stunning! But, I was glad to finally have Grandma rescue me! It would have been one thing if Gabe was there to help, but it was just me this time.

My Mom and I sang "Your Grace Still Amazes Me" by Phillips, Craig and Dean in the wedding. It's a song we know by heart. We've sung it many times before. It was an honor singing in Jennifer's wedding.

Beautiful wedding pictures taken by Tryston Hines! Congrats Jordan and Jennifer. I wish you many, many years of happiness together!


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