Sunday, August 14, 2011

Logan's 1st Birthday Party

Look at this big boy! Isn't he a cutie! Logan wore a razorback smocked shortall with razorback shoes that squeaked when he walked. He was too cute!
By the time I had taken several shots of him, he finally decided to go in for the cake. (Logan's birthday is not actually until the 23rd, but because of other weekend events we had his party a little early.)

Logan's Razorback Cake made by a lady who works with my mom.

I was pleased with how it turned out!

Logan's Smash Cake

This one was my favorite. Way too cute!!! I don't have pictures of him eating his cake on my camera, but we did get it on video. He tore that cake up!

The Kiddie Table

The kiddos didn't sit down for very long, but they were cute while it lasted.

Logan's Aunt Tom & Uncle Joe surprised him with his very own John Deere tractor. Let's just say that ALL of the kids loved it. We had to take turns "sharing" the tractor. Logan enjoyed sitting on his tractor, and was doing tricks on it by the end of the night. Thank you so much Aunt Tom & Uncle Joe. Logan's Uncle Joe has a museum FULL of miniature collectible tractors at his house! It's quite a sight!

Logan really wasn't into opening his presents. He just wanted to walk around. I thought Madison would end up opening them all, but she wasn't interested either. Soo...that left me to open all of his presents!

Madison got her own little gift from Grammy & Papa. She got a cute little Mudpie purse full of LIP GLOSS (her 1st tubes of lip gloss), and a cute shirt for fall.

Logan & Momma

Logan got this cute personalized tub from The Oliver's for all of his new toys! And boy, did he get some GREAT toys. We really had NO boy toys so now we are good to go. He now has some cute trains, cars, and tractors. Not to mention, many new cute fall outfits!

Logan's new trick...

Thanks to everyone who celebrated this special boy with us! We sure do love him and are so thankful for great friends and family too!



Love the Razorback party theme and the cake is too cute!

Adam & Jennifer

I love the smoked shortall!!! I've been looking for one for my son. Where did you get it?

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