Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lights On & All Aboard!

I want to blog about this so I'll remember it. Madison is in a little routine of turning the light AND fan on in her room when she wakes up each morning or from a nap each day. She gets her little plastic chair from her vanity and moves it to the door and stands up on it to reach the light switch. I can always just look under the door to see if any light is shining through to find out whether she is awake or not.

If it's morning time, she will knock on the door and shout out, "All Aboard" or "MAMA" until I come get her. She gets the "all aboard" phrase from the Disney channel. They say "all aboard" on a choo choo train commercial/show. Funny thing is, she doesn't really say "all aboarD." She says, "all aboarT." With a T on the end. I've tried to tell her that it has a D on the end, but I guess it's cuter to hear her end the word with a T.

This afternoon Gabe and I are going to F-ville to meet up with some of his old Russellville church friends growing up. We are going to do a little shopping beforehand, and then meet up for dinner. Madison is spending the night with my parents and Logan is spending the night with Gabe's parents. Sounds like a fun time to me!


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