Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chick-fil-A & Silly Goof!

I cannot contain my excitement any longer! Russellville is FINALLY getting a Chick-fil-A. Ahh, Chick-fil-a. Every mother's dream. Why, you may ask? Many reasons, but one reason being the most important. Indoor Playground.

Those two words mean the world to mothers of preschoolers. I mean, can you just imagine it? Mothers...getting to actually eat their delicious chicken sandwich and waffle fries in peace while their children wildly play through the window in the indoor playground. Mothers...calmly sipping on their refreshing sweet tea while watching their little angels tear each others' hair out through the window of the room next door. Pure bliss. According to their facebook page, opening date is October 6th. Not too far down the road ladies. Hold in your insanity for just a bit longer and come October...release!!!
On another note, this is how Gabe found Madison sleeping several nights ago before he went to bed. Gabe puts Madison to bed every night and they have their own bedtime rituals. It is clearly NOT the same if Momma puts her to bed, and we all know it! Madison and Daddy read, "I'll Love You, Forever" every night at bedtime. In fact, Madison sings the song quite often. Well, it's not actually a song, but I think most people turn it into a song. I thought pic was pretty sweet. Notice that she always has "TWO" babies in bed with her. Ever since Logan was born, she now plays with two babies.
One of Madison's favorite words to call you is a silly goof. Here she is being a silly goof, herself! She's pretend snoring! Can you tell???

my handsome little man...

a true heart breaker!

watch out ladies!!!


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