Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Help & Potty Training

My friend, Melissa, and I are both husbandless for the weekend. Our husbands are both in LA for the weekend on a short business trip. That makes for a loong weekend with the kids. I've been wanting to see the movie, The Help. I've heard such great things about it, but didn't know when I would ever get to see it. I never go to the movies anymore!

So, I thought this weekend would be a great time to see it. We decided to go the late movie so we could put the kids the bed first. The late movie didn't start until 9:50, so it was a seriously late movie. We met up at Stoby's for dinner/dessert first. These are the girls that went, minus Melissa, who met us at the theatre. We had a great time and I thought the movie was fabulous!
On another note, this little diva is doing superb at potty training. I just have to brag for a bit because I'm just so excited about it. She did not wet her diaper at all last night. Held it in all night. I'm amazed and thrilled about it! She's been wearing panties for naptime and has been doing well at that too. She has kept dry panties for the past two naptimes. I got a little stressed because MDO starts up Sept. 6 and I heard that you had to send your child in a pull-up unless they could tell you they had to go potty. Well, at that time Madison didn't always tell you. I was constantly asking her if she had to go and taking her to the potty every 45 minutes or more. I was also afraid that they wouldn't want the kids wearing diapers for naptime at MDO. Who knows if they would have or not, but I just decided to start trying panties for naptime at home. She wet the bed for two naptimes, but has had 3 sucessfully dry naps, so she has done very good. All day yesterday, she told me each time she needed to go potty. It was really quite remarkable. She's done the same today, so I really think she has "got it." And I'm really glad. This has been no easy task and I'm just glad we are finally here!

On another note. A kind of gross one too. I had to start giving Madison fiber gummies on a daily basis. She was getting constipated quite often, and it was quite painful for her. The gummies have really helped and she loves eating them. They are like candy. She is really good about telling me when she has to go "poo-poo" and has two favorite books that she reads while taking care of her business. I leave her alone and she "screams" for me when she's done. It's actually quite cute.

Oh, the things that I never thought I'd be talking about! That's motherhood for ya!


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