Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weight Watchers

Last Thursday night was my 1st Weight Watchers meeting. I've always been a little intrigued by this "lifestyle." (not diet!) I've had a few friends who did Weight Watchers and were successful, and my mom did Weight Watchers as well and looks great!

Baby weight is much harder to get off after baby #2, or so it has been for me anyway. I have almost 20 lbs. still stuck on me! I heard that a group at Dover FBC was about to start up WW and decided to go for it. So far it hasn't been bad. I get extra points since I'm nursing so that helps a lot. I love being able to look up foods and figure up how many points they are worth. I really just had no idea how bad some foods were for me before. Now I know and I can choose what I really want to spend my points on. I love that you don't have give up any particular food. The other night Gabe and I went to eat at TGIFridays and I looked up their menu online ahead of time and figured out what I would order for dinner. It was a yummy cajun chicken & shrimp pasta dish that was a whopping 28 points, yes, that's right, 28, but I decided I would just eat extremely light during the day and splurge for dinner. The dish was worth all 28 points!

So far I've lost 3 pounds. I don't feel any different yet, but I do feel good knowing that I'm eating about 1/4 of the calories I used to take in. CRAZY!!!

Our WW leader said something that is so true. She said she feels like someone gave her an answer key to a test. That is so true. There have been times that I wanted to lose weight, but really didn't know how. (didn't really know what was bad/good for me) Now I know. I've heard most people say that if you stick to your points and don't go over, you should see weekly results. Can't wait to see how much I've lost at weigh-in this week.


Crash Test Parents

Good job, Kristy!! I may need you to teach me how to count points because I have a feeling that I will have trouble getting back to my pre-baby weight this time around!! It's definitely harder the second time...who has time to work out! Carl says we're going to start P90X once I'm completely healed up...oh joy. I hate P90X!

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