Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weight Loss & Crescent Hotel

This past Thursday, I had my first weigh-in after doing WW for one week. I lost a grand total of...

5 pounds!!!

Yes, I was thrilled! I followed the rules to a T. Actually, each person gets an extra 49 points to eat anytime during the week and I only used a few of them. So, I guess that helped. My first week actually went really well. I didn't starve. You can as many fruits and vegetables as you'd like, along with anything fat free, so you really shouldn't ever be too terribly hungry. WW actually has a new program out called Points Plus, so the program is a little different now. It simply encourages you to eat healthier and rewards you for it.

Okay, some of my favorite low-fat foods/snacks are:

WW ice cream bars (snickers ice cream bar & oreo ice cream bar)
Kroger brand fudge pops/no sugar added (these taste normal)
Kroger brand creamsicles/no sugar added (taste normal)
Jack's fresh salsa (in refrigerated section at Kroger by specialty cheeses) & baked tostitos
94% FF popcorn
Progresso Light Soup
english muffins with egg & cheese
Pepperidge Farm deli flats
If you've never seen these deli flats before, you should try them. They are a great replacement for hamburger buns. Great with burgers, deli meat, tuna, chicken salad, etc. Much better for you than all that bread and good, too! They are wheat so they have a little bit of a sweet taste.
And now, for the good stuff. (Sigh!) I've been relaxing all weekend at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs. Gabe has a PT convention here at the hotel and I came along for the weekend. We left the kids with a babysitter Friday morning and then Gabe's parents picked them up Friday afternoon. I'm sure they will be good and spoiled by the time we pick them up. ;) It snowed all them way up here and Eureka got 4 inches! It's beautiful. It was so fun watching the snow fall as we drove up.

As we were driving up, we saw a 4runner flipped over on it's side on the side of the interstate, just outside of Fayetteville. We stopped to help, and figured out they were the parents of Spence, owner of Italian Gardens in Russellville. I worked at Italian Gardens for 7 years, and told Spence's parents that I knew him well. Small world! Neither of them were hurt, and they waited in our car until the tower arrived. We arrived in Eureka a little late, but I'm so glad we stopped to help out the parents of a friend.
If you're not familiar with The Crescent Hotel, (I wasn't), it is said to be America's most haunted hotel. Gabe's PT group all went on a ghost tour in the hotel last night. The tour guide led us through the hotel and told us many "hear say" ghost stories. Of course, I don't believe any of that hog wash! It was entertaining though. I'm sure some people get all worked up over those sorts of things.

After we check out of the hotel, we're going to head to Fayetteville to do a little shopping and then eat at our favorite Italian joint...Mama Z's. Mmm, homeade rolls & pasta. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!



You sneaky girl! I had no idea about the lover's getaway! :0 Hope you guys have enjoyed every second. Congrats on the weight loss - I will need personal coaching form you after the baby!!


Way to go Kristy! You're doing better at this weight loss thing than me. Does Weight Watchers cater at all to 'picky eaters'?

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