Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hogs Game & Lunch Date

Gabe and I went to the hog game on Saturday. I have never liked sports, especially football. However, I always enjoy going to Fayetteville for the good food and shopping. I never really go for the game. I know, I know! Well, this Saturday we ate at Mama Z's in Tontitown. (right outside of Fayetteville) Mama Z's is an Italian cafe' with homeade pasta, sauce, rolls, and italian dressing. Yes, it's ALL made from real Italians. It is to die for! After lunch we headed to the mall for a quick shopping spree. Then, it was time for the game...normally my least favorite part.
However, the game was so good that I actually got into it. It was a great game. I don't understand all of the details of football, but I get the main point. And it was intense. I'm so sad that they didn't win, but it was a fun game to be a part of. I also enjoyed the day with just my husband and I. We actually got to have real conversations. Thanks Grandma, Grandpa, Grammy, and Poppa for watching the kids! I treasure any time I can get alone with Gabe these days.
This little girl looked cute as a bug today. This outfit is one of my garage sale finds. Madison loves to put q-tips in her ears. She has watched me clean out my ears a lot, I guess. I know this is very dangerous and I don't let her run around like this, but it's cute for a second.
The two babies and I headed to McAlister's for lunch with a couple other stay at home moms. We just got a McAlister's about a week ago and I had to try it out. My favorite thing is their sweet tea. I also love their club sandwich and spuds. Lunch was a circus as always, but we wouldn't have it any other way...or would we? ;)

Can't wait until our next lunch date!


Lydia Lonon Miller

The Q-tips are so funny!
My mom tells the story that one time she went to go ck on me after I went to sleep at night (I was probably 4 or 5 yrs old) and I was laying on my side and had a Q-tip sticking out of my ear!!!! Thank goodness I hadnt rolled over!!!

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