Saturday, October 2, 2010


Little Miss
This morning Madison and I hit a few garage sales. It was actually "cold" when we left. I'm loving this fall weather. I bought Madison the two purses she is wearing in this picture. She loves her purses!
Off she goes to her room...Girly, Girly Land!
Gabe keeps telling me I'm raising a diva, but what else does he expect? It's F-U-N being a girl and Madison is really into playing with her daddy lately. They play bedtime and it's so cute. Madison makes him get her blankets, pillow, teddy bear, and book out of her crib and then she makes him lie on the floor on her pillow. She will push his head back on her pillow if he doesn't do it himself. Then they both lie down together. It's a new bedtime routine. She's all about routines!
This morning I found this darling vanity at a garage sale for $6. I actually got it a little cheaper than that because they threw in an Arkansas Tech cheerleading outfit, which is practically new. Madison has been playing with it all afternoon and seems to like it! Yay!

She was crying in this pic because she wanted her daddy.
Just wanted to capture a picture of her "earrings." Ha!
Tonight is PNO (Parents' Nite Out) at the church. Free childcare is available from 5-8pm to give parents a night out. Gabe and I are going on a dinner date to Savannah's! Can't wait. Better hop off of here and hop into the shower!


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