Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Day of MDO 2010/2011

Madison is now in the Butterflies class at Mother's Day Out. She and several of her friends skipped a class and went right on up to the big kids class. They were required to have a nap mat this year. Us mothers were really worried that our babies were too small for nap mats, but their teacher said they all did really well. She said Madison's feet were on her mat, but that's about it. I guess she didn't mind the carpet! Ha! Little Miss Independent!
I thought Madison's nap mat turned out ADORABLE! I love the patchwork that the seamstress did. So cute! This will last her until she goes off to Kindergarten.
We didn't get any pics before MDO because we picked up the mat on our way to the church, but we did take some pics afterwards. Here is Madison showing me how you "nap." I think she likes her nap mat pretty well. The pillow is soo soft!
My friend, Megon, introduced these yummy kiddo treats to me a while ago...YOGO BITS! Madison loves them. They are yogurt covered fruit bits. You can find them next to the fruit snacks. Madison thinks they are candy!
I have several things to blog about from last week...a play date, along with cute pics of bubba and sissy. I'll get to that later on this week.
Madison had a blast camping with her Grandma and Grandpa this past weekend holiday. She got home late yesterday afternoon. It was so nice for her to get to have fun with other kids/families and to get to enjoy being outside in the beautiful weather. It was also quite relaxing for Mom & Dad back at home. :) Logan is so low-key. It was nice to just focus on one baby for a while. But, she's (Madison) back folks and we've sprung back into high-key action! :) It was fun while it lasted!


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