Sunday, June 13, 2010


You're probably thinking the exact thing that I'm thinking. Twins? This morning I decided to wear one of my non-maternity dresses to church. It was a shift dress that was form fitting to my body and I thought I would wear it to show off my pregnant belly one last time before I stuck to strictly maternity dresses. Bad idea! I thought twice about wearing the "tight" dress to church because I sang in the praise team this morning. I know that the "older generation" did not wear form fitting clothes back in the day, so I wasn't sure what people would think of me showing off my belly. Apparently, it wasn't a good idea.

After the first service, an older woman, who I know, asked me if I was expecting twins. Can you believe it? I told her that I was not. She then asked me if I was sure. Umm...pretty dang sure! I walked away pretty upset, but what do you do? People say all kinds of things to pregnant and sometimes non-pregnant women, if you know what I mean.

I guess I'll try to let it go this time...


Katy Hill

That wasn't nice. I'm sure you look great! I'll get to meet this little man since Jacob and I are moving back to the Russellville area-I'm looking forward to it! By the way, the nursery decor is going to be so cute.



I gained A TON of weight when I was pregnant and I know exactly how you feel. I got LOTS of snarky comments, from expecting twins to telling me what a HUGE baby I was having. I've seen you out walking and you look GREAT!!

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