Thursday, June 17, 2010

Babies & Biscuits

For some strange reason, blogger is not letting me download pics, I guess I will have a post with no pictures. That's no fun. Edit: I went back and tried to edit my post, and guess what? I can now load pics. Sorry, Megon for stealing these pics off of your blog, but that's what happens when you're the photographer! Be sure and double-click on the black and white pic so you can see all of the "cuteness!" Megon loves to add in cute little tiaras and staches!
Madison and I had lunch at Cracker Barrel with some friends today...Lori and her baby, Cale, and Megon, and her baby, Bennett. The babies are all just weeks apart. Lori, Megon, and I used to have lunch dates occasionally while we were pregnant with them, back in the old days. Life sure has changed since the babies have come along!

The babies did pretty well. No meltdowns, so I say lunch was a success. Madison did extremely well for...Madison. I may just have to give her a few M & M's this afternoon for being a "good girl." It's so funny, she knows how to say "good girl." We always tell her she's a good girl when she takes her medicine and she started saying it.

After lunch, Madison and I ran a few errands to get Father's Day gifts and pick up a few other things. We got a few fresh tomatoes at Farmer Dan's stand. Our first tomatoes this summer! I literally thought I was going to melt in the heat. Errands are murder in the summer, and while pregnant!

Tomorrow morning I'm going to pick one more gallon of blueberries to freeze for cobblers. Half of my last batch molded because I had a few berries in the batch that were wet, so I've got to get a little more. I believe tomorrow is the last day of picking season at Renee's Berry Garden. It seems like it didn't last long.

Here's us from our last excursion...

Mmm...I can smell a blueberry cobbler in the near future.


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