Friday, April 9, 2010

Date Night

Gabe and I are having a date night tonight. We were already planning on grilling steaks tonight and watching "The Blind Side" after Madison went to bed, but my mom called this afternoon and wanted to know if she could pick Madison up after work. I, of course, said sure! So, it looks like we will have the evening to ourselves.

After much, and I mean, MUCH, searching on the web for baby boy bedding, I have finally decided to have the bedding made again like I did for Madison. Back before I was pregnant, I saw these cute sports decorations at Kirkland's that I just "had" to have. No, we weren't even pregnant with a baby, much less pregnant with a boy, but I just "knew" we would be someday and these decorations would never come around again. Well, it just so happens that Kirklands still has them, and Hobby Lobby even has a variation of them. They are somewhat rustic metal decorations, sort of vintage looking. Anyway, I've looked at every sports bedding online that exists and there's just not one that's cute enough. Either the colors are all wrong or it's just too babyish. So, here's the fabrics that I've chosen...stripes, argile, and polka dots. I know of a few other boys who have this cute fabric displayed in their nurseries. It's basically the only cute boyish fabric from Hobby Lobby, but it's oh so cute and sort of vintage looking.
I'm going to wait a while before I have the bedding made, but I have it all planned out in my mind how I want it. (Imagine that???) Striped curtains, polka dot sheets, striped crib skirt, argile/brown minky dot bumpers with the ties done up in ribbon with green and blue argile that matches the fabric perfectly! Sigh! So, there you have it.
With all that said, I think I'm going to hop off of here and start putting together a garden salad to go with our steaks. Have a great weekend!


Katy Hill

My mom made the bedding for Carson Walker using those fabrics-it turned out really cute! Can't wait to see pictures of the finished product-sounds like it's going to be a fun little boy's room!


Yes, I saw Carson's bedding, but couldn't remember who sewed the bedding. Didn't know it was your mom. Your mom must be a pretty talented seamstress.


Congratulations! I used that fabric for some bags for Caleb. It is really cute! Can't wait to see how his nursery comes together!

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