Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow Day & 90th Birthday

Surprise! We woke up this morning to about an inch or so of snow on the ground. It was enough to cancel school. I'm sure all of the school kids (and teachers) were glad to get one extra day of Christmas vacation. Gabe took Madison outside to take a few pics and let her "touch" the snow.
This is her touching snow for the very 1st time!
And then tasting the snow, of course!
Yesterday, Mom, Dad, Madison, and I drove down to Kingsland, AR (south Arkansas) to go to my great Aunt Helen's 90th birthday party/reception. We saw two of my twin cousins, Ronald & Donald and their families. Madison enjoyed playing with her cousins. Her two baby cousins are just weeks apart in age from her. They had a good time playing together.
Madison & cousin Ella (Donald's baby girl)
Madison with cousins Ella & Travis and Travis' mom, Aprill (Ronald's baby boy)
Madison & her cousins
Grandma giving Madison her 1st taste of punch
My cousin, Donald and his family. His three beautiful girls really enjoyed playing wtih Madison. Donald's wife, Julie, made me about 15 hair bows for Madison. I was thrilled!
My cousin, Ronald, and his family
Ronald, Travis, Grandma, & Madison
Grandpa & Madison- This pic is so cute because their facial expressions are almost exactly the same! Like grandfather, like grandaughter!
My family with my Great Aunt Helen. This is my Me Mommie's older sister- my Dad's aunt. Isn't she so pretty? She looks great for being 90 years old!
My Great Aunt Gladys, Madison, & I
Aunt Gladys with the whole family
Madison watched her dvd player in the car. It is such a life saver. This is by far the BEST investment we have made since we've had her!

Enjoy your snow day!



Sweet pictures with Daddy!!!

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