Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun Day!

Today was a fun day. After hand bell practice this morning, I took Madison to our church playground with several other moms and their children. It was a gorgeous day today. Perfect weather...not too hot, not too cold. I watched the other kids play in the dirt, load pea gravel into their shirts, throw tantrums, and get hurt. Whew! I'm glad she's only a baby right now. But what I really dread the the day when she gets "dirty." I have always hated to get dirty and sweat. Surely Madison will too. (Several of the moms who were at the playground read my blog, and they are probably thinking..."your day will come." :)

Madison is still sick. She still sounds hoarse when she cries and she still has a runny nose. I hope she gets to feeling better really soon!

This afternoon Madison and I went on our 2 mile run. This week I am supposed to run 2 miles a day, every day, except for Sunday to train for the half marathon. Madison did so good in the stroller. She didn't fuss. Maybe because it was so beautiful outside.

Madison was playing with the bunny today. She was so cute. I would say, "get your bunny," and she would reach and grab it.

She also had a lot of fun playing with her spoon.

Mother's Day Out starts back up for the fall tomorrow. My plan is to clean house...because Tuesday is my cleaning day!


The Feeble Futts

Love the blog!!! I can't believe how big Madison is getting. What a cute family....

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