Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun-filled Weekend

It has been a long, but fun weekend. Friday night we had a few of Madison's "friends" over. Madison has LOTS of church friends. These are just a few of her friends...Beckett, Bennett, and Cale. We have had a baby BOOM at our church this past year. There are about 6-7 girls in our Sunday School class that have had babies in the past year. It was a lot of fun being pregnant together, and now being mommies together. I hope our Sunday School class has more babies on the way in the near future. It is a wonderful blessing having babies at the same time as your fellow christian friends. It's nice to know that your child will be surrounded with friends that are being raised with the same morals.

Madison was actually sitting up some on her own while she was playing with her friends. I think maybe because several of the other babies can sit up quite well.

I tried to flip this picture around, but had no luck. It seems like once you upload a pic to post, you cannot remove it. Anyone have a solution for this problem?

Madison sitting up like a big girl!

Beckett trying to flirt with Madison...

Madison on the day Mommy made her first blog post...Saturday, August 22, 2009.

We went on a family stroll over to Grammy & Papa's, but they weren't at home. So...they came over to our house later on instead.

Madison is trying really hard to figure out this crawling thing. I believe she will be crawling within the next month!

"Are you watching me, Grammy?"

Madison loves squash! We had a lot of trouble getting her to take interest in rice cereal and baby food, up until the past couple of weeks. All of the sudden she has decided that she likes baby food. I feed her baby food at lunch and supper and she typically eats a full small jar. :)

Time for bath time!
Playing with her rubber duckies...(She even has a princess ducky!)

Okay, you may be wondering what Grammy is doing with the blow dryer. My Aunt Phyllis gave me this idea when Madison was only a month old. She said she always blow dried her babies after they took a bath. Well, we tried it, and she LOVES it! Just make sure that you towel dry your baby first, quickly add a diaper, and then blow dry your baby as long as you like.

Madison kicks and squirms just like a little bug on its back when she is getting "dried."
Don't you just love a clean baby?


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