Monday, August 24, 2009

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

I just joined the hand bell choir at our church and today was our first day of practice! It went pretty well! I talked one of my best friends, Melissa, into joining as well. We both had a good time. Here are a few pics of Madison in my bathroom while I was getting ready for practice this morning. It looks like she's waving to us in this first pic.

One of my best friends, Melissa...AKA my hand bell partner

After hand bell practice, I took Madison to see our church secretaries. I used to work at the church for our minister of music during the summers and grew close to these ladies. They love when I bring Madison by to see them. Below is Pat. She only has grandsons, so holding Madison is a real treat to her!

Madison was pretty tired. She kept laying her head down on every one's shoulder.

Below is Patricia...another secretary that I grew close to.

Madison with Bro. Stephen, our church pastor

He just happened to be standing in the hallway, and wanted to hold her.
What a perfect and special picture!

After we said goodbye to our favorite church secretaries, we headed to Stoby's to meet one of my best friends, Megon, for lunch. Mmm, you've gotta love their SWEET TEA!

And, their cheese dip!

Megon, I had a picture of you and Bennet on here and just deleted it. Ahh-forgive me.

Madison and Mommy at Stoby's

Tummy Time

Baby Push-Up

A lady from church passed this adorable Christmas outfit down to Madison. I can't wait until she can wear it this Christmas!


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