Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Bite!

Madison got this running stroller for Daddy on his birthday and she loves it so much! They were only able to take about three runs before ending up with a flat tire! Since the tire is now fixed, Madison and I decided to take a morning stroll this morning around the neighborhood. The weather has been cool and brisk the past couple of mornings, so I wore pants thinking I would get cold. Boy, was I wrong. I won't be wearing pants to walk anytime soon! Doesn't Madison look thrilled? She was actually a little fussy on today's stroll.
After our stroll, we headed to the church for a meeting. Madison stayed in the nursery with some of the other girls' kids that I was meeting with. During our meeting I heard Madison cry pretty loudly for a while. She doesn't usually cry like that unless something is really wrong. I just let the nursery ladies handle it since I was in the middle of the meeting, but afterwards I found out that a 10 month old baby had bit her on the forhead. The skin didn't break, but there is a big red mark. Madison is okay, but the funny thing is...the same thing happend to me in my church nursery when I was a baby. Like mother, like daughter!


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