Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shots, Sneezes, & a Runny Nose!

Doesn't Madison look adorable in this pink & brown outfit? She has only had two pink & brown outfits so far, and seriously needs some more! These colors are too cute on her. Her Aunt Sheila gave her this outfit for Christmas this past year, and she just now fits in it... Madison got her 6 month shots Friday fun! She has had a fever off and on since Friday afternoon. On top of that, she came down with a cold on Thursday. The doc said it was probably allergies, so she is taking some allegra. I hate to see her feel bad, and hope she gets well soon.

Isn't this the most beautiful baby, ever?

If this little face doesn't just melt your heart, I don't know what will. Madison's eyes have been watery today. She hasn't smiled much today and has been very whiney! I can only take so much of that. I hate to say it, but she takes after her mother. I guess we both don't deal with pain well.

Photo shoot with Daddy- what a handsome Daddy he is!
There is a marathon/half-marathon coming up in Little Rock in March. Our church is having a deal where you can get on a training program for it. You get a running schedule for the week, and then every Saturday run with the church group. Gabe and I are both planning on training for it. Gabe is going to try to train for the marathon.(26 miles) I'm going to try to train for the half-marathon. (13 miles) Right now, I can't even imagine myself being able to run more then 5 miles. I have run a 5k before, but nothing beyond that. I mainly just want to get in shape! You'll st have to wait and see if I actually make the half-marathon!


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