Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Madison's 1st Race for the Cure

Madison has about 50 pairs of socks that are too little for her, and I'm really not exaggerating. She has 50 pairs of newborn socks. I've tried to force them onto her feet the past couple of days, but it's just not working. They end up falling off somewhere in the house. we made a trip to JC Penney's because I really like their socks. The elastic in them is very tight and they always stay on. I bought Madison some new white socks-because white goes with everything and I also found her this cute sweatsuit to wear for the Race for the Cure.

Gabe's clinic sponsors the RVT Girls each year. The race is in Little Rock on October 17th. We always drive up the night before, eat dinner at Mike's Place in Conway, and then spend the night in a hotel in LR since we have to be at the race early in the morning. This will be Madison's 1st race...and she is excited. We always get a t-shirt made to wear at the race, and this year we had to get a few onesies made since there have been three very young additions to our group. We'll see how it goes. Since I've been training for the half-marathon, I'm going to run the race this year. I've walked it in the past years. I hope Madison does great in the stroller. Below you will see how excited she is about her new sweatsuit.

"Hmm...what's this? It cost how much?"
(Just kidding- it was super cheap!)
"I'm supposed to wear it? Nah- I'll just eat it."
Pretty cute, huh?
Close up of the RVT onesie
She's going to look so cute! As you can tell, I'm pretty excited about the race- I mean, dressing Madison up for the race.
Today, Madison started sticking out her tongue like a little lizard. I have to say, she's the cutest little lizard I've ever seen! She also blew raspberries the entire time we were in Penney's. Funny girl.



Hey Kristy, I've been keeping up with your blog. It's so fun to see what Madison is up to since she and Caleb are only a few days apart! She's precious!!

I might have to look at Penney's for socks. I just bought some for Caleb that say 6-12 months but they won't stay on for anything!!

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