Friday, September 11, 2009

Snot Rockets!

Madison went to Mother's Day Out twice this week. She usually only goes on Tuesdays, but this week she went on Thursday as well. I had a sitter lined up for a couple of hours on Thursday so I could get my hair done, but she got sick! So...thankfully, there was a temporary spot open for Madison. After I got my hair done, I stopped by Flowers, Etc. (a home decor/gift shop here in town) just to browse. I ended up getting this wooden sign. I have always wanted some type of sign or plaque in my house some day with the following verse...

I like it a lot. I plan on hanging it above a door in the kitchen.

Last night, Madison was a hungry little beaver. She ate TWO whole jars of baby food...carrots (her favorite) and green beans (her not so favorite.) You'll eat anything when you're starving.

Well, as I mentioned before, Madison has been sick for quite some time now. Two weeks ago, she had cold-like symptoms- congested nose, runny nose, hoarseness, watery eyes, etc. The doc said it was allergies. She took Allegra for a major changes, then switched over to Claritin, and dried up a little. The doc said to let it run its course. Yesterday, however, the child started sneezing snot rockets and if you're not sure what those are, you probably don't want to know! Gabe and I have both already been shot in the face! Gross! I love my baby girl, but I'm ready for the snot to go! I took Madison back to the doc this morning to get an antibiotic. He said she has a sinus infection and prescribed her Amoxil. Do any of you remember taking this yummy pink refrigerated medicine. I have very fond memories of it. I remember that is was pink (my favorite color), refrigerated, and tasted like bubblegum. Madison seems to be quite fond of it as well. She guzzles it out of her dropper.

Oh, we have used up a LOT of tissues. I need to go buy some kleenex with lotion in them because her nose is becoming raw. Poor baby!

Here she is...not looking her best.
No bow. Watery eyes. Red nose.

I just laid her down for a little nap before bedtime. She is worn out. Tomorrow morning we have to wake up early and go run with the half-marathon training group from church. We will be running 3 miles. I have stuck with my weekly training schedule, so...BRING IT!!!


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