Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

Chocolate Goodness! These miniature trifles are sure to make my Valentine go weak in the knees! This is one of Gabe's favorite desserts.

This year is our 4th Valentine's Day together as a married couple. It's been tradition for Gabe to take me out to eat and for me to cook him a special meal each year to celebrate Valentine's Day. I usually pull out a special table cloth that was given to us by a dear friend. It is monogrammed with the date we got engaged and the date we got married. Gabe used it the night he propose and I try to pull it out each year, along with our china. However, it's getting harder and harder to do with kids. This year he requested a shrimp boil and trifle. So, no china or special table cloth this year. But, don't worry. Both will be brought out soon!

I know that I don't say it enough, but I really do love you, Gabe, with all my heart. I know that I don't always "act" like I'm in love with you, but my loyalty to you is strongern now tha ever. As long as you don't ask me to give up my shrimp or crab legs, I'd do anything for you to make you happy!

And, I'm not the only one who is crazy about you. The kids are SUPER crazy about their daddy! Their spirits lift the second you walk in the door. I can only hope that the kids end up with more traits like YOU than their momma! Ha!

Happy Valentine's Day to YOU!


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