Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Too Big for His Own Good

I have done a terrible job of documenting Logan's birthdays each month! There's just not near as much free time when trying to keep up with two. Logan turned 9 months old on the 23rd. I can hardly believe it. He started crawling this past month and has also been pulling himself up on things around the house. He can walk all the way around the coffee table, while holding on. Just yesterday he started to stand and let go. Gabe and I were both super surprised. I really think he'll be walking in a month or less. He is just such a strong little boy! Much different from my petite little girl!

These pictures were taken a while back. I've been spiking his hair for some time now, but his hair has really grown a lot in the past month. I think I may start coming his hair over to the side with a little gel. It will still stick up, but I tried it the other day and it looks better than all of his hair sticking up almost 2 inches on top! Ha!

Here he is in action. He's just the happiest little baby. I love him to pieces.

This little girl is pretty darlin' herself. I just love this little smocked lady bug outfit. This was her before MDO one day. Summer MDO doesn't start up for a month, so we are on our own until then. Whew! The days are long!

After we left the gym this morning, I got a text from another mom saying they were meeting at the church playground to play. I had just told Madison we would go play for a bit anyway, so I was glad some other kids would be there for her to play with. Both of the kids got a little dirty/wet so I stripped them down to their diaper before buckling them in. Madison really likes these sunglasses, even though they are too big. I need to find her a pair that fit her face a little better. By the way, they are upside down. But, hey... she DID IT HERSELF!!! (If ya know what I mean!)


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