Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

The long weekend came and flew by soo fast. I can't believe it's already almost Tuesday. I enjoyed having Gabe around the house an extra day...even though I think we wore him out with all of our festivities!
Saturday, Gabe enjoyed a little time out on the lake taking his boat out for the first time this summer. He said the water was pretty cold, but that didn't stop him from catching a little air out on the water on the wakeboard! We grilled Saturday evening at home.

We headed to my parents' house on Sunday evening and enjoying burgers, brats, all the fixings, homeade ice cream, and blueberry cobbler! YUM!

This morning we went blueberry pickin' with the kids and my family. It is kind of a family tradition. We've gone the last several years and I really enjoy it. It usually gets hot quick and my back always starts to hurt from bending over and picking from the bushes, but it's a lot of fun. I love how clean this berry farm is! If you know me well, you know that I'm really not an outside girl and I'm sure not a farm girl! (I'd rather clean house than work out in the yard any day!) So, the cleaner the better!

Another neat thing about this farm is that they have some farm animals. The kids enjoyed watching the goats and chickens.

Madison even fed the goats some grass!

You may be wondering why Logan is playing with a belt in this picture. They provide belts at the farm for you to put around your waist and attach your bucket to. That way you are free to pick with both hands. It works great until your bucket starts to fill up and then the weight from the berries really starts to hurt your back!

This girl LOVES the outdoors!

And animals! I hope she got all of her lovin' in while we were at the farm, because she sure won't be lovin' on any animals at home! Ha!


Showin' off her berries!


This evening we headed over to Gabe's parents' house for another cookout. We had burgers and hot wings and they were great!

Happy Memorial Day! Remembering my cousin, Dustin Newton, tonight as he is in Iraq serving our country.



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