Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mommy Makeover...and the fun begins!

It has been too long since I last posted...I know. I'm faithful in reading my favorite blogs daily, but I most of the time I just don't feel like blogging! Uploading the pics, retelling the stories, ugh! Just never feel like doing it. But, I want the memories recorded. So here goes.

I found out last Tuesday afternoon that I won the St. Mary's New Mommy Makeover. I was thrilled. On Thursday, the fun began. They called me Thursday morning after I had dropped off the kids at MDO and wanted me to start my pampering that day. They said everthing had to be done by Tuesday at noon, which was the deadline for the About Magazine. They wanted pics of me doing everthing, so it all needed to be done by then. They wanted me to do my massage and facial that day...I agreed. We proceeded to schedule everything out over the phone. I was going to do as much as I could on Thursday while my kids were at MDO, a bunch on Saturday so Gabe could take care of the kids, and then my photo shoot on Monday. (My dad had agreed to come help me with the kids.) Just before I got off the phone with them I informed them about the rash. Yes, THE rash.

Me and rashes go way back. We go together like salt and pepper. I was diagnosed with a very rare rash my senior year of high school that went up to my face. It was bad and I felt ugly. Well, this rash was due to an allergic reaction to a new shaving gel. It was mostly on my legs, but had spread all over my body. Everywhere except for on my face. Thank goodness! So, I hated to break this news to the ladies I was on the phone with, but I told them it would probably be better if I had my massage/facial on another day. They understood and said we could just stage it and do the real deal later. Whew!

So, Thursday I shopped for my outfit, jewelry, shoes, purse, and kids' outfits at Belk. They threw in kids' outfits last minute. Yay! Belk was soo generous. I love the outfit that I picked out. You can kind of see it in the pic above. (which is us at Italian Gardens) On Saturday, we staged the massage/facial, got my hair done at The Mirage, got my make up done at Clinique in Belks, and did my photo shoot with Steve Newby, and then had my dinner date at Italian Gardens that night with Gabe.

Lee Ann from Lee Ann's jewelry presented this baby bracelet to me at dinner. It's very pretty. They said to bring it in this week and they will engrave it with Logan's name and birthday.

Okay, back to the photo shoot. It was my favorite part of the makeover. I had fun! Steve did great and I pretended to be a model. It's tough work tryin' to do all those poses, but we got some great shots and I can't wait to show!

Dinner at I.G. was great, as always. I love Italian Gardens. The best part was the adult conversation with Gabe, of course. Oh, and no kids. Zeta Tau Alpha provided free babysitting. The day was fun, but packed and we were both pooped by the end of the day. Glad I'm done being "made over!


Manchester Photographer

Photoshoot Makeover
Hope to see more soon..


Kristy- you look so pretty and the day sounded like great fun! Hope that rash goes away soon - that would be no fun.

Photoshoot Makeover

Manchester Photographer... Super Blog...I must Say ...

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