Thursday, December 3, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Christmas Trees

I posted my Christmas Tree a couple of days ago, but I'm posting it again for Show Us Your Life from Kelly's Korner.

EDIT: I quickly posted my tree pic last night, but didn't have time to post any pics of my ornaments. Here are a few pics of some of my favorite ornaments. Notice the baby gate. Madison is 9 months old and getting into everything. We figured this would be our best bet.

Glittery branches used for tree topper- I love big & elaborate decor!

Gabe's mom carried out a neat tradition. Each year she gave him and his siblings ornaments and saved them for their 1st tree one day. Gabe loves the razorbacks and has really nice razorback ornaments from each year. Many of his ornaments represent his childhood. That's why I love them so much! I was thrilled to have a FULL christmas tree our first year of marriage. Thanks, Margaret! I definately want to carry out her tradition with my children.
I absolutely LOVE these glittery balls...any color!

Wedding ornaments...sweet & symbolic!

I really just mix and mingle all types of ornaments, but pull them together with red and lime mesh, glittery branches, and glittery balls. One day I hope to have a pink tree for Madison and razorback tree for my boys...someday. ;)



LOVE the tree!!!


Your tree is beautiful...and I oh so love the gate! My youngest is 11 months and is eyeing our tree! :)

♥ sarahbeth.

your tree looks great and your little girl is adorable! xoxo


LOVE your tree! so pretty!!

From Marriage to Motherhood
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From Marriage to Motherhood

Pretty tree...and great idea with the baby gate around it! My friend has an 18 month old and ended up having to leave the bottom of the tree bare because her little one kept grabbing and taking off all the lower hanging ornaments!
I'm pregnannt with a little girl who is due to arrive in less than 6 weeks {around the second week of Jan}; we look forward to welcoming her into the world and celebrating the beauty of Christmas with her next year!!


LOL about the baby gate!! My little girl is 3 and now we have to like place no ornaments towards the bottom at all!! It's funny....
I love your tree topper.... very cute....
Summer :0)


I have the glittery things in the top of my tree, too! I am totally addicted to them! Enjoy your holiday!


Beautiful trees! I remember the days of placing a gate around our tree....that seems like yesterday! Blessings to you and your beautiful family!


Gorgeous trees!!! Love them :)


Love your tree topper. Never seen one quite like it!


I love the wedding cake ornament. Thanks so much for sharing your tree.




Very pretty! I love the wedding ornaments!

M Oliver

Hope you guys had a great time! I can't wait to hear all about it

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